Saturday, 17th March, 2018

States' tourism mottos released

13, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

1. Jammu n Kashmir: Neighbor’s envy INDIA’s pride, Vande Matram. 2. Himachal Pradesh: We welcome all but prefer Israelis. 3. Punjab: We welcome laborers more. 4. Haryana: There is more to us than Gurgaon. 5. Uttarakand: Please come, this time it won’t happen again. 6. Uttar Pradesh: All non-yadavs non-muslims visit at your own risk. 7. Rajasthan: You can shoot black bucks,but, only with your cameras. 8. Madhya Pradesh: Aapke Mama ka ghar jab marzi Aao. 9. Gujrat: Welcome to the ‘Dry land’. 10. Goa: Naughty boy! We know what you are coming for. 11. Orrisa: We are too poor to afford a Motto. 12. Bihar: There is always a Mini-Bihar around you, so why come here? 13. Jharkhand: Welcome but Stay clear of Coal mines 14. Chattisgarh: Buy Rice at the lowest price 15. West Bengal: Come see Mamta run wild 16. Mizoram: Come taste its better than old monk 17. Megalaya: Remember to bring your umbrella along 18. Nagaland: Remember to leave your Dog behind. 19. Manipur: Come let’s talk money. 20. Tripura: Come see the real honest man 21. Arunachal Pradesh: Chinese not allowed, jai hind. 22. Sikkim: Come see the Gang talk 23. Maharastra: Welcome, but first get clearance from Raj thackrey 24. Karnataka: Welcome to the land of GO(w)D(a) 25. Andhra Pradesh: Are you Reddy? Doesn’t matter all are welcome 26. Telengana: Just opened 27. Tamil Nadu: Come and see Hamare paas (AM)MA hai. 28. Kerela: We do only ayurveda massage,for other types visit Thailand 29. Assam: We got the best of tea and the worst of bangladeshi 30. DELHI : COME LIVE THE POLLUTION