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State of India's education system

10, Jun 2014 By khakshar

Lot has been in media regards the educational qualifications of Central Ministers in recent times. Considering our “state of art” education system, lot of inputs is required to  further strengthen it.

Initiatives by Human Resource Development Ministry has been initiated. It is strictly not to be confused by granting Bachelor of Arts degree for enrolling in Commerce. Much more seems to lie ahead.

Delhi University’s administration has been first to sense the mood. It’s expulsion order of “Gang of Five” not withstanding , it has initiated debate on it’s much acclaimed “Four Years Degree Course”. Taking initiative on it’s own after the Ministerial change, the prestigious university is considering one year graduation courses.

It is also learnt that the order will apply from backdate. Anyone who had passed the first year of the Degree course shall be granted the same since 1993. DUTA (DU Teachers Association) is however protesting on grounds that  their arrears be paid for the extra number of Graduates they have mentored.

Meanwhile taking a cue for strengthening the Engineering and Medical education in India, many garages and blood collection centers have applied for accreditation by Technical and Medical Education Boards.  It is learnt that roadside  medics and sellers of  “Rhino’s tail ” and “Sande ka Tel”  have formed a syndicate and are seeking guidance for opening university.

One wonders why after the success story of the University with largest campus , many “Halwais” suddenly started eyeing setting up of educational institutions.

“Blabbering Radio”, one of the editors of Faking News has spilled the beans. In his interaction on micro social media he revealed that even the name of the famous university on Punjab was based on the name of famous sweet shop. Many however protested heavily on his satire on level of professionalism of the university.

Meanwhile a famous Jammu “Mithai” shop which has shops in Delhi too has acquired land near  Ghaziabad for it’s “Pehalwan Institutions”.

Further east a technical institute regards gun making at Monghyr  is on the verge of being recommended by Bihar government for approval. With Foreign Direct Investment in Defense being raised, this university will cater to skills needed for Guns and Bomb Industry. Another group from Siwan has applied for Institute on Time Measurement.   Siwan  lies on western borders of Bihar  and is famous for producing genuine counterfeit. It’s closeness  to international border to Nepal will work as an added advantage. Exports will zoom and employment generated by this University of Fakes.

As the trend catches up, many babajis have also started their educational trust and university. These universities will not only give degrees but also teach spirituality. One of such institution’s canteen gives a pack of fives “Samosas” to students needing “Neermal” water when having “Delhi Belly”.

Not to be missed out, Mr. Baman Irani who was the principal of the engineering college in the movie “3 Idiots” is contemplating starting a university.  Mr. Irani will hon a new role which is quiet opposite to the role of  ambidextrous professor who could not think out of Box . Mr. Irani proposes to start an acting school.