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Startup to sell female singers to infuse romantic mood for lovers

25, Jun 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: What is more appealing to the youth today other than sports, internet and love. Of these trio, love occupies major section of society nowadays. And when you cannot instill the romantic mood into your love life, we know how hopeless you will be.

Most of the young girls would have grown watching Karan Johar movies, romantic Korean serials and reading Twilight. It has become increasingly hard for men to appease and keep those girls in romantic mood. Men have to do all sort of monkey tricks to woo their lovers.

Right from forwarding that SMS sent by your best friend claiming it as your own creative product, to showing your new mobile phone, bike, car or plane, men take a lot of such routes to bring in romantic aura when they are with their girlfriend. But, all these die down because there is no background music. Most of the romantic scenes in movies get that emotion only because of the background music. And if it does not have a female singer humming in the background, it is quintessentially not a romantic movie at all. Without this background music, most of the women complaint that men are not at all romantic upto their expectations.

Do not worry, Oh Cupids! A startup company called Mmhmmm is now your savior. Mmhmmm is now selling female singers, who will be called secretly to a place where you will be with your girlfriend. You can have membership account and based on  your payment, the voice of singer will be more or less sweet. You have to choose date, time and location in their mobile app or website. You can also call their toll-free number to book your background singer.

Mmhmmm will place the female singers for the duration you had booked and whenever you say something surprising like “I love you”, “My life is for you”, “You have to take insurance for our kids”, etc, the female singer will start humming “Mmhmmm” or “Ahaanhaanhaa” or “Lalalalala” or “Tururururu” till your girlfriend interrupts it. And the female singer will be placed in such a vantage point that you cannot spot her, but she can spot your girlfriend’s face and hear your conversation. Whenever your girlfriend shares her problem with you (which will be the obvious) in between tears, that female singer will sing the corresponding tune.

Mmhmmm has also plans to rent male singers to shout at high pitch as background to family disputes or sing fast-paced “Nanananananaaaaa” when you are going to meet an accident. They have also provided cash-back option, when you are not happy with that background music.

Mmhmmm CEO Lovely Khanna is sure of his company to rake in the moolah in the India, because of the high percentage of lovers among the young population of India. Mr.Khanna added that his company is in talks with US Intelligence services to buy the technology with which they track all communications, so that they can allow singers to sing tunes when lovers are engaged in conversation via phone or Skype.

Rakesh, one of the customers beamed with joy, when asked about this service, “Earlier, Reema used to always feel bad that I’m not that romantic. She kept on fussing about why she is unable to feel any love when I’m with her. But, now thanks to Mmhmmm, she is always feeling romantic whenever we talk or whenever we stare at each other. She is so much deep into love with me that, she did not even research about the source of female humming that comes from somewhere nearby”

If sources are to be confirmed, Apple and Google are competing to release mobile app to mimic these background singers and release gadgets that will read your heartbeat plus hormonal balance to find out your mood and play background music from your mobile.