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SRK in troubled waters for instigating the common man

18, Aug 2013 By PSR

Delhi: No one knew the reason of the late night congress meet at 42-janpath yesterday. All the big-wigs of the congress political circle were present.

Digvijay singh, P.Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, A K Antony, Salman Kurshid, Sharad Pawar, Kamal Nath, J Ramesh and even the 86 year old Sis Ram Ola looked as if they were a bunch of school children who have been called in by their principal. Their faces were writ with anxiety and apprehension.

Later that night we were informed of the agenda of the emergency meet. It was not about the Pakistanis repeatedly violating the ceasefire. It was not about their strategy against Narendra Modi. And it was not at all about the rising prices of onions!! It was about the King Khan of Bollywood.

In his latest release “Chennai Express” King Khan kept repeating a particular dialogue- “don’t underestimate the power of a common man.” The UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi feels that with the following SRK enjoys in India, he might upheaval a revolution against them. According to the sources, Sonia Gandhi said, “Till today the UPA have survived by fooling the common man. If the common man starts believing in all those things Khan said then we are doomed!!”

Rahul Gandhi was absolutely carefree just as he is of the country’s future. He said that being a common man was just a state of mind. And just like the rest of the nation no one in the room understood what he said and why he said that but still everyone applauded the Rajkumar. P.Chidambaram and the veteran Mr. Ola was seen falling deep into sleep just like the rupee and the market did on the black Friday.

A k Antony was relieved to know that this meeting was not meant to axe him for the comments he made about the Pakistani infiltration at the LoC. Mr. Ramesh said all about how the censor board system should change to fit politicians in it. As was expected from Mr. Digvijay Singh, he demanded a CBI enquiry on the movie soon.

Mr. Nath and Mr. Pawar were discussing their terms of agreement on the new “onion ghotala” they had planned years back. While everyone was up to something, Mr. Manmohan Singh did what he does the best, he kept quiet.

The meeting lasted till wee hours of Saturday morning and ended with an array of strategies to lure the common man into lull till Salman khan or Amir khan gives another hit. Counting on the public memory to forget has been the masterstroke of political parties all over the world since the day politics was invented.

Far from all this, in the metro of Kolkata there was another party meeting on similar lines. “SRK has joined hands with the CPI (M). This is all a conspiracy to kill me!!!” No prizes for guessing who the voice for these words was.