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Sri Lankan Tamils thank the Tamils of Tamil Nadu for helping in their recovery process

22, Oct 2014 By manithan

Jaffna: All the leaders of various Tamil organisations in Northern Province of Sri Lanka thanked the Indian Tamils for their extra-ordinary help in their rebuilding process. They have also urged the Indian Tamils to go back to their state and look after their family too.

In a press meeting organised by United Tamil Organisation in Jaffna, Inbanathan, a party leader, said, “Ever since the genocide in 2009, we were in total distress. Lakhs of our brothers and sisters were butchered by the Sinhalese army. We would not have started our recovery process, if not for the support of the Tamils from India. They left their jobs, their political positions and their families to come here to our Northern Province and help us in restoring our life.”

When asked about which prominent Tamils came, he replied, “Almost all the Tamil politicians are here for the past four years. All the Tamil nationalist speakers are here. They built several homes for us, they educated our children. They provided healthcare facilities for us. They gave psychological support to our affected children. I would like to thank all the pro-Tamil people, who instead of protesting for movies and advertisements, came here and helped us directly. We feel indebted to you all.

Indian Tamil leaders making an attack on Rajapakse using Nitrous Oxide.
Indian Tamil leaders making a ferocious attack on Rajapakse using Nitrous Oxide.

Another party leader, Sekaran, said, “We wholeheartedly thank all the Tamil Movement leaders who came here and camped here to help us in the recovery phase. They would have made a 40-minute protest, they would have shouted from morning to evening near roadside briyani shop – for India to not vote in a UN resolution, which the UN itself never considers in a serious manner. They would have vandalised movie halls, showing movies produced by our own Lanka Tamil guy. They would have stopped their airliners to stop flying to Srilanka. On the top of it, they would have liked Tamil Eelam pages and commented for 15 lines in anglicised Tamil. But they didn’t do any of these above things. They chose to come here and help us to restore our battered houses and our neglected lives. Instead of using our names to do violence there, they came here to help us go through this violent phase. We request them to go back to their homes in India and take care of their own profession. We urge them not to give us any fund to restore our life.”

Outside the meeting, our Faking News correspondent met with a few Sri Lankan Tamils. Unaffiliated to any political party, as they described themselves, they felt happy that IT employees had formed a movement in Tamil Nadu and is working here in Sri Lanka teaching computer to the affected children for four years.