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SP spooked as Shahid Siddiqui sported orange Chaddis

16, Sep 2012 By Khufiya Patrakaar

This July morning Govt of Uttar Pradesh was spooked as Shahid Siddiqui moved towards Lucknow wearing Orange chaddis.

It is a story to be told with extreme care and caution. As Faking News investigative team took long to establish the dramatic development of, say, about very difficult 18 hours of July 27-28. It is a story of Unusual mornings of Lucknow when Govt was spooked like never before, Socialist Family of India aka Samajwadi Family led by Pehelwan Mulayam Singh was enjoying the cup of tea in Lucknow, television flashed images of Shahid Siddiqui wearing armoured Orange chaddi.

In what was looking like sizable extra large orange Chaddi, Shahid Siddiqui seemed to be in his habitual fancy dress mood. “The fabric is So smooth,” He added.

However panic wave passed through CM’s family as further news confirmed that those Orange Chaddis are made in Gujarat, a manufacturing hub of every thing Orange except Orange itself, which is cultivated and marketed from Nagpur.

Samajwadi Party which recently won mandate by promising youths of Uttar Pradesh free laptops to run porn CDs, has banned anything orange on Body or Bicycle of any Party Worker as this might invite bad omen.

How to stop Shahid, was the problem everybody was working on. “At least, we can ask him to wear his lungi’ said Akhilesh. Only to realise later that Shahid wears exclusive deep purple elephant marked lungi.

It was the rare moment of governance when a Leader must take action on the behalf of 19 crore people who were looking up to their young leader. The leader acted. And his Uncle too acted — in front of the Television. Both complained short-term memory loss and the issue was resolved.

Shahid Siddiqui later came to know the whole event defended his fetish. ‘I have a right to fancy myself with a lots of colors. This orange was only the missing link in my rainbow,’ he callously winked.