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Sonu Nigam makes it to Guinness World Records for the most expensive haircut

22, Apr 2017 By bumbegum

Mumbai, India: After the hue and cry that followed Sonu Nigam’s comment on Azaan, he went on to shave his head to stand by his tweet.

Bengal based Imam, who was later found out to be only a Muslim leader and not a cleric, had announced a reward of Rs.10 lakh to the person who would shave Sonu Nigam’s hair after his tweets went viral over the internet. As a reply to the bounty announced on his hair, Mr. Nigam went a step ahead and shaved his own hair, demanding money from the Imam.

Sonu upon record
Sonu upon his newly made record

The Muslim leader has refused to pay the price of the offer he made, and clarifies that his demands were not met by just an expensive haircut.

On the other hand this issue also gained international interest, so much so that Guinness World Records have decided to put Sonu Nigam’s name in the category of the most expensive haircut.

The record book’s committee spokesperson said, “Rs.10 lakh for a haircut is the most expensive haircut we’ve recorded so far, and our committee has decided to put this in the book. Specially coming from a poor country, as Snapchat’s CEO said, this comes as a shocking data for us.”

Many Bollywood stars have come forward to congratulate Sonu over this achievement, but mostly people are avoiding to comment on this issue in the fear of being called as anti national, or receiving a bounty on their heads.