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Sonu Nigam hits out at Christians now, says games like El Clasico keeps him awake all night

25, Apr 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Days after complaining about “Forced Religiousness”, Sonu Nigam is now complaining about “Forced Sporting” as he was made to remain awake whole night yesterday to watch the epic El Clasico.

The La Liga game kicked-off at 0015 hours IST owing to which Sonu had to sacrifice his sleep, the first sacrifice he made after shaving his head.

Save yourselves Christians!
Save yourselves Christians!

Lashing out at Europeans and Americans, Sonu tweeted, “Have to abandon my sleep on most of the occasions of El Clasico. NBA aur Baseball dekhne ke liye bhi subah jaldi uthna pdta hai.”

He further tweeted, “India isn’t that much famous for football so European nations keep timing as per their own convenience. Gundagardi hai Bs…..”

Busy replying all the sports fanatics on twitter, Sonu wasn’t available for comments but his wife told us, “Something or the other is troubling him every day. Earlier this Azaan, due to which he had to wake up early in the morning, and now this ‘El Clasico’ which has snatched his sleep. He is unable to have a sound sleep in his own time zone. Soon he will be complaining about jet lag.”

Unhappy with the comments made by Sonu, the Managers from elite football clubs have consulted All India Muslim Personal Law Board to issue a fatwa on their behalf as they don’t want to bear the burnt themselves.