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Sonia accepts Nigerian citizenship to prove Giriraj wrong

02, Apr 2015 By sun1

New Delhi: Sonia Maino (Gandhi) has decided to accept Nigerian citizenship from immediate effect to prove BJP Minister Giriraj Singh wrong. In a statement released after emerging from Nigerian embassy, Sonia said that she’s always been obsessed with the dark skin as well as dark deeds of Nigerian people on internet and wanted to understand how they are able to fool so many people all the time with their lucrative lottery mails.

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

She explained that this skill will help Congress to fool gullible electrorate by offering ‘freebies which they can not refuse.’ Sonia also disclosed that Rahul is currently in Nigeria to search for a suitable bride and will marry her as soon as Boko Haram militants allow her to complete her English Studies!

She also expressed her desire to be born as a Nigerian in next birth to spare the Indians and rule as a dictator of an African country for the lifetime.