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Software professionals delighted – offer free updates for the software “Congress”

23, Aug 2013 By trishanku

Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement comparing India to a computer and the Congress party to be its default program has immensely delighted software professionals sitting on bench in big companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro.

Rahul Gandhi
RahulG, owner of proprietary software “Congress”.

They see in this statement a great opportunity to display their skills which were getting rusted due to lack of work for many months. In a rare display of their concern for the country, they have offered to design many ‘service packs’ and even ‘upgrade’ the software ‘Congress’ free of cost.

In a heart to heart talk with FN correspondent Trishanku many of them shared the suggestions sent to the congress VP. Few of them are indicated below:

a) A series of service packs to remove all the rubbish being spread in social media regarding the Congress party and the government ; some important patches suggested are ‘SIL’ , ‘2G’ , ‘ CWG’, ‘Coal’ , ‘Adarsh’ and  ‘Helicopter’.

b) A major upgrade – called Congress 2014 – to remove repeated ‘hanging’ of the policy module of ‘Congress’.

c) Series of optional upgrades: The first called ICON – to remove ‘looping’ of the module called ‘youth icon’ in the existing software.

Second called SPEAK – to remove the clogging in the communication channel of PM.

Third called CAG – to warn the congress president of any scams likely to be detected by the auditors or the media.

Fourth called CBI to ensure that no investigative agency can harm the party interests.

Fifth called HCSC to prevent courts from obstructing the outputs of the ‘policy module’.

And sixth called MEDIA to ensure that media reporting is ambiguous enough to issue a denial anytime.

Social media is abuzz with appreciative comments of netizens on the tremendous enthusiasm infused among the youth by Rahul Gandhi’s statement.

Meanwhile opposition is countering Rahul’s logic with their own logic. One of senior BJP leader said, “According to Rahul, Congress is the default software of country and by chance Congress social media platform is called Khidaki , so we can call them Windows Vista.”

“We need to format this computer running on proprietary software and install Linux, ” he added.