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Software engineer summoned by women commission after he carries out a fake sting of his wife

11, Mar 2014 By trishanku

A software engineer working for a reputed MNC in Gurgaon was summoned by the Delhi Commission for Women following a complaint received from his wife Sujata (not the real name) working as an Income Tax Officer in Delhi.

In her complaint she mentioned that her husband Ramesh had carried out a fake sting operation and was blackmailing her. FN reporter trishanku managed to get a copy of the unique complaint and this makes really an interesting reading.

It seems the couple had agreed that the household expenses would be met from Ramesh’s salary while the salary of Sujata would be used to pay the hefty EMI of their new posh bungalow in Vasant Vihar.

A week back when Sujata asked her husband for Rs5000 to buy the groceries, he promised to withdraw the cash from the ATM and give it to her in the evening. But he conveniently forgot to do so. After two days, just while he was leaving for work, she reminded him about the same.

The conversation that followed, reported verbatim in the complaint, is reported below.

Sujata: Have you brought the money? Ramesh : Which money? S: Didn’t I tell you two days back to give me Rs 5000? R: Oh yes. Madam. I forgot to give that evening. Here it is.

Thereafter Ramesh took ten 500 Rs notes and gave these to her one by one , grinning broadly. Sujata got a bit suspicious and then saw a spycam in the pocket of Ramesh. Furious she demanded an explanation for this prank, and was taken aback by what he said : “Well , I have successfully carried out a sting on you, demanding and accepting Rs 5000 from a person. I can now use it if you do not stop nagging me everyday”, and walked away laughing.

Sujata was flabbergasted and worried lest Ramesh should carry out his threat someday and so gave this complaint.

FN reporter has learnt from unreliable sources that Ramesh is now begging his wife to withdraw the complaint, for it was just a practical joke and he actually loved her daily dose of nagging. He even gave the original video recording to her, but Sujata is still very worried knowing very well the software skills of her husband.