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Software engineer praises his manager, caught red handed

28, Jul 2014 By wittywrite

Software engineer Shivek Daga working with ‘Thought never works solutions’ was caught red handed by his manager “Chipku Chitkule”, while Shivek was lauding and saying all the good things about Mr Chitkule to a colleague.

Don’t you dare do that again.

Being a manager of a CMMI level 8 company, Chitkule understood the seriousness of the matter and quickly called a team meeting to find an explanation for the same. While talking to our correspondent, Chipku Chitkule described the incident as ‘Defamatory’ and produced some printed copies of the mails to prove that he has never had a good relation with any of the employees working under him.

To further investigate the issue, we had a candid discussion with the culprit ‘Shivek Daga’.

Que: So Shivek, as you know you have been accused of a level 5 violation for praising your manager for no known reasons, what do you have to say in your defense.

Shivek: I admit of my crime but it is not unprovoked. Since last one year I am seeing him to be kindhearted at least with me. He has not abused me or threaten me for a low appraisal rating even after being on bench for more than a year.

Que: But Shivek that only proves that he has not done anything to be hated but do you have any proofs of him being good to you.

Shivek: Yes, I have applied for 30 leaves this year and he has approved four of them which is more than ten percent and that too without even questioning my intentions.

We went to the SOVM (Society of velle managers) for a comment and here is what their official spokesperson has to say.

“These are some serious charges on Chitkule. Incidents such these are against the ethics and morals of SOVM. As a manager you have to behave in a manner and being polite or good to our employees can only dent our image. If the charges are proved then Chitkule will with immediate effects be terminated from SOVM and will have to face some serious consequences, like Sending at least 10 mails per day of which not more than 8 could be forwarded ones. “

The case will be heard tomorrow in “Humari adalat” with the sitting judge Arnob Gowhammy.

However, Arnob has already given his verdict on twitter. “Mr Chitkule, nation wants to know why have you disgraced your profession by committing such a shameful act”.

And before Chitkule could even take up his phone to reply, Arnob came with the verdict.

“It’s been 30 seconds since country has asked you for a reply on this shameful act and your silence has proven you to be a sinner.”