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Software Engineer Interview - A Parody

08, Oct 2014 By rajy1990

Interviewer : Whats worse than finding a bug in the code during development phase?

Interviewee : Finding 2 bugs in the code during development phase.

Interviewer : What??…never mind, which sorting technique is more efficient between selection sort and merge sort.

Interviewee : Hmmm….eh…merge sort??

Interviewer : Can you explain it?…or did you just guess the answer?

Interviewee : Well sir, who am i to comment on God’s cycle of seamless coincidences…

Interviewer : So it was guess?

Interviewee : That is open for interpretation.

Interviewer : Tell me the worst case, best case and average case complexities for selection sort.

Interviewee : If i answer that then i may end-up with a closed case….

Interviewer : Its O(n^2) for average case, now tell me the worst case and best case, its simple mathematics.

Interviewee : Mathematics??….sir my math is a bit rusty…haven’t used it for 24 years.

Interviewer : Argh…..out of selection sort and insertion sort, Which one will you use for sorting a linked list?…its common sense..

Interviewee : Commonsense?…sir, i don’t indulge in such luxuries…

Interviewer : Thank you for your time.

Interviewee : Now where have i heard that before….

* All characters appearing in this interview are fictitious, though any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, would be awesome!!! 🙂

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