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Software engineer gets award for his creativity; IT world shocked

02, Sep 2014 By puttaradhya

Bangalore: In a major development here in Bangalore, where the work in software industries is all about pleasing the managers, a software engineer gets the award for being creative at work unlike the “bucket holders”, who are appreciated for their sincere effort in pleasing their superiors rather than their smart work.

Students celebrating.
Engineers celebrating.

The people are going gaga over the fact that creative software engineer who did not care enough to solute his manager but smart enough to provide the efficient fixes for the complex issues has been recognized by the company’s top management for the first time in the history of software industry in India.

As I mentioned earlier it is a common practice in the software industries to identify the persons who spend most of the time in office pleasing their managers through their appeasement tactics but not the work. There is no history of identifying the creative persons here in the industry where they almost forget the meaning of creativity and start following the famous trend of “bucket holding” and get good appraisals to end up being the same managers once they hated. But in a rare incident, this creative guy resisted the traditional IT practice and continued to be creative for almost five years. Finally his manager had no option but to present the major award for this creative guy instead of “Bucket holders” who were in queue for long time.

In acknowledgement to this incident, thousands of software engineers hit the roads on Sunday in many places like Whitefield, Electronic city and Koramangala to celebrate the rare, historic achievement of this creative software engineer. And efforts have been made to arrange a program on Monday at world trade center to felicitate this achiever for breaking the traditional practice in the software industry.

Some of the IT biggies like Nandan Nilekani who reportedly used Adhaar card as a creative weapon to curb corruption in the country will be invited for the felicitation program. It is reported that manager had called a one on one meeting with the team and has asked the creative engineer to work hard day and night. He has been asked to submit the reports especially for the manager without letting know the top management. So one of the team member responded for I asked, “What is the agenda of manger who is asking the creative engineer to report especially for him but not top management?” Team member said, “The same old practice where the manager is planning to take the credit of this creative work by his subordinate and later update the work to top management in order to take the credit of creativity!!!!”

There are rumors that, the youth icon of the country Mr. Chetan Bhagat has invited this creative software engineer for a dinner at his residence where he is going to train up this software engineer to tackle these kind of managers who never recognize creativity. We all know that Mr. Chetan Bhagat once had experienced the same during his career where he was told he is not creative enough, in efficient and was denied promotion. Today Chetan Bhagat stands tall disproving many such “bucket holders” which is almost an epic story in a society like this. I hope this rare achievement by this creative engineer would bring a turnaround in the software industry where creativity is upheld than appeasement.

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PS: “Bucket holders” refers to the people who survive in IT industries just by appeasing the superiors with odd activities instead of hard/smart work.