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Software engineer finds poha and chai in foreign country, decides to give up Indian citizenship

01, Jun 2014 By rajanikant

A techie, Sampath Reddy, working for an Indian MNC, was on a business trip to Germany, where he found Poha and Tea stall in city of Nuremberg and informed his family and freind that he was safe now and wanted to settle there.

Sampath’s family was worried about him when he left for Germany from Vizag as he was vegetarian and it would be much difficulty finding veg food. But now sampath is quite enjoying after finding morning breakfast dishes like Poha,Idli and utthappa on the foreign land.

In style.

When asked about his excitement after this experience he explained, “I work in Pune and there I use to have a lot of varietyof Poha and south Indian dishes. Working here was quite hectic without Poha and Tea. Now I am living quite fun filled life after finding these dishes.”

A lot of food retailers like Mc Donald, KFC, Starbucks are now launching Indian dishes to attract the Indian customer on foreign land. When we asked one of the CEO of KFC about it he replied ,”There are many Indian s/w engineers who have migrated from India to other countries.We see potential market here. We recently lunched the Poha Combo pack which includes French fries, and tea served in wine glass to make it more attractive (Please see pic). We have other dishes in menu like Puri Bhaji, Upma, even wada pav.”

After having these much of dishes, Sampath has decided to give up Indian citizenship and to get setled in Germany.

Commenting on the incident, newly elected government of Modi said, “We do not want FDI in food sector and we will oppose this move of KFC, McDonald of having Indian dishes in their Menu. We are nationalist and we want these dishes to be sold by Indians only.”