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Software engineer files FIR against his project manager u/s 377 IPC

14, Jan 2014 By Atul Mehrotra

In an extraordinary set of events , IT professional who goes by the abbreviation A.T.U.L (aka All Time Udaas Ladka), today went to Noida sec-21 police chowki to file an FIR u/s 377 IPC against his project manager.

Don't you dare do that again.
Vocal molestation.

In the backdrop, there is same old story of Indian IT industry. From last few months his boss & other superiors have been delegating lewd work to him which was as always useless. He was subject to constant harassment by being asked to write documentation for some shitty smarty piece of code. A.T.U.L overlooked this harassment for sake of free transport & lunch along with yearly discount coupons on company products. He didn’t raise his voice ever.

But A.T.U.L got really baffled when last week on Friday, on behest of product release his manager ask him to stay late till 11 pm in office that too without customary free pizzas for dinner. Adding salt to his wounds, A.T.U.L was asked to come on Saturday full time. This was last nail in coffin, the final blow & A.T.U.L finally took a call to end this criminal activity which is “against the order of nature” of IT industry.

Apparently, President of Indian Wheat(गे-हूं ) Association, Mr. GAYendra Patel has come in front extending his support to the Project Manager of complainant. As per Mr. Patel, this is indeed a matter of personal choice whether manager wants to see his staff work extra hours to finish the project or not.

In candid chat (Koffee with Karan style) with duty officer Rajendar Bhati on this incident, Bhati replied that he himself wants this FIR to be filed. This will pave a new path for all policemen who like A.T.U.L are subject to harassment on name of performing duties by their political bosses & seniors.

By the time of writing the story, Noida police (as usual) was busy trying to scare convince A.T.U.L that crime hasn’t been committed in their area of jurisdiction.