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Software engineer demands onsite trip to Mars

29, Sep 2014 By CB

Bangalore. After success of Mangalayaan there is an interesting twist. A software engineer has told his project manager he aspires to go onsite to Mars. While this looks like a strange demand, there apparently is story behind it. So our reports caught up with Ramesh the software engineer who made the demand.

Ramesh has been unhappy with his employers for a while. He has experience of 4 years, but he is Software Engineer. After joining company as fresher, he has not been promoted despite good work. Last year when he was denied promotion, he was promised onshore trip to US. He had done all the paperwork only to find his H1B Visa denied by lottery system. That increased his frustration and unhappiness.

The final straw came last week during team meeting. Suresh who is Ramesh’s teammate spoke to us about details of team meeting that happened yesterday. During the meeting PM asked Ramesh to write Minutes of Meetings commonly known as MOM in IT industry. Ramesh had read about Mars Orbiter Mission and newspapers calling it as MOM. Due to this coincidence, Ramesh lost his cool and started shouting at PM demanding onshore trip to Mars. In order to avoid disappointment for Ramesh, PM has told there is a Mars project in pipeline and once the project comes he would be sent onshore for sure.

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