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Software developer joins 'Acting School' and doubles salary with half the work

08, May 2014 By Shri

Frustrated by poor appraisals year after year, Mr Bhola, a software developer finally joined ‘Acting School’ on the recommendation of close friends and colleagues. 


A typical nerd who rarely socializes, Mr Bhola excelled in completing his work well before deadline. Although rarely appreciated for this, he continued working without any complaints.

Chatur Singh, a colleague and close friend of Bhola told Faking News, “Bhola kuch zyaada hi Bhola tha. He used to work super hard. But never showed anyone that he had done so. Bechara apne boss ko kabhi ulta reply bhi nai deta tha.”

Menika Shani, a good friend and wellwisher of Bhola told Faking News, “Bhola needed to learn how to say no and how to overplay his achievements. Acting school was the only way forward for him and hence we recommended him to join one ASAP.”

After just one week of coaching, Bhola observed remarkable improvement in his work satisfaction and started receiving ample recognition even after doing less than half the work he used to do. Icing on the cake was that he doubled his salary in appraisals.

“From Bhola to Shana in 7 days” is a specialized acting course designed by Bhola himself for fellow nerds. Faking News congratulates Bhola for his outstanding achievements and contribution to the empowerment of nerds.