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Snapchat CEO apologizes, announces Aadhar based login for Indian users

20, Apr 2017 By Srivy Anand

There was an uproar on the social media with ex-Snapchat employee Anthony Pompliano quoting Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel – allegedly deeming India and Spain as ‘poor countries’ to expand Snapchat’s business.

Daily lives were sent into a tizzy after his comment went viral in India. Shantabai woke up to this appalling news as she later went on to take a day off to install Snapchat and uninstall it for the sake of her country’s pride. Ambani had summoned Snapchat’s board of directors to his Antilla haweli for a potential takeover after he was greeted by an error message while installation reading:

“You are living in a poor country, Try again!”

Purely Indian: Aadhar Special App
Purely Indian: Aadhar Special App

Indian techie I.T. Rangarajan slipped into depression as soon as he read about Spiegel’s comments. Apparently he had sacrificed his promotion to land up an onsite opportunity in Spain. But after he heard Spiegel, Rangarajan was distraught ‘coz eventually he was moving from one poor country to another. Spiegel after noticing the falling app ratings decided to apologize and declared his pro-poor move to mollify his Indian user base.

He announced an Aadhar based login would now be enabled for Snapchat users from India in the upcoming upgrade. Although they now have to input their bank balance before they can log in. This was particularly aimed at screening out and bringing only the rich users into the fray as Snapchat executives had observed that the ‘poor faces’ didn’t look pretty enough for their dog filters.

“After this move which widens the benefits of holding an Aadhar card, an increase in downloads is expected in Assam, West Bengal and Bangladesh”, said a Snapchat employee who didn’t wish to be named. Ramdev baba of the Patanjali fame took this opportunity to jump into a new sector and announced their new product on the lines of Snapchat named “Patan-chat“.

He termed it as an application which will promote herbal stickers and local stray dog filters. Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal was seen tweeting his 1 crore Rupee worth chai – samosa bill to Spiegel in a bid to prove that India isn’t poor.

He alleges that it was Narendra Modi behind Spiegel’s comment and termed it as his veiled attempt to promote Digital India. It might eventually be true as the NITI Aayog hasn’t yet ruled out the possibility to link MNREGA scheme to Snapchat users in a bid to identify and provide jobs to people who are too unoccupied to use Snapchat on a regular basis.