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Smriti Irani Offered Multiple Ph.Ds by UPTU, ends degree row

25, Jun 2015 By navjit

Kanpur: Today, Amidst the vocal protests of the opposition and on road effigy burning came to a halt and the opposition was sent to hibernation, when UPTU offered Ph.D in Maths-1, Satellite and political science to HRD Minister Smriti Irani. When our correspondent Jholu Ram contacted HRD ministry, it was stated that today and tomorrow are declared to be the official holidays to celebrate the most educated minister`s convocation ceremony. Many officials were found distributing Ladoos after the news broke out.

Smriti Irani is happy with the PhD
Smriti Irani is happy with the PhD

When the Vice Chancellor was contacted, he briefed our correspondent that UPTU is aiming to be the best Technically Updravi university, and students will get motivated after Smriti Ji becomes there alumni. And even the fake degrees of UPTU will hold a firm ground globally from today onwards. And he was found saying that “we have offered multiple Ph.D degrees to Smriti Ji, keeping under consideration her versatile experience.” Looking at her growth it is clearly visible that her political Hisaab kitaab is really good, so she was offered degree in Maths-1 and Political science. And regarding Satellite communication,  her role on satellite television as Tulsi is well known to everyone, taking all these hisaab kitaabi considerations, she has well earned these multiple Ph.D degrees.

Looking at all this, Manmohan Singh ji were asked to comment about how he felt about his degrees, but still he was found quiet and at peace.

And Guiness book of world record has registered yet another record for India, for having the HRD minister with highest no. of Ph.Ds.

When fellow Congressi correspondent Di-giri contacted congressi spokesperson, she said, that now they are very hopeful that Rahul Baba and Sonia mummy will be aiming to become Daaktar`s too.