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Smokers defy blazing sun

18, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Blazing sun did not deter him from smoking which he was enjoying with the deep puff of the cigarette while moving on the bike. It was maiden chance to see him in that smoking posture. His confidence was quite higher like the wavy smoke melting into the thin invisible air. Once Firaq Gorakhpuri, an Urdu poet, said lighting and puffing required enough self-confidence and every smoker was supposed to be permeated with this kind of poise. Smokers also delve deep into brainy arguments. Father of two children does not reflect his actual age. It might be because of his short-statured body. Anyhow, people normally get distracted by his hairless head. Besides, he has six fingers like film actor Hrithik Roshan. When he touches any metallic objects, an electric current passes through his whole of the body. His business skills add another feather to his cap.

On leaving smoking habit he stated what began in style has now turned into an ugly habit afterwards? Like other compulsive practices, smoking also blocks ways to retreat. Despite all endeavours, he failed to get away from this stupid inclination. He could leave smoking if inclined to do so. His self-control does can allow him to run off from this propensity, he believed. The tobacco consumption required to be limited up to thirty percent today. As many as 275 million tobacco consumers are found in our own country.  According to a report, the youths, around sixteen percent, are consuming tobacco and about six thousand youths begin its obnoxious use daily in our country.

Once he felt enough pain when his mobile number was not recognised by his acquaintance. Usually, the tobacco users feel at non-availability of the tobacco. He was lifeless but while there were others, his memory lived on. He said, “It was beyond his imagination. It was like facing death in a handful of water.” Upon this dismay, his acquaintance quipped that he looked hastier in the dissolution of his mortal body in Chullu Bhar Paani. He should better desire to die out in a drop of water. His humorous personality does not restrict him from crossing code of gentlemanly behaviour. He did not distract from arguments over arguments. His academic knowledge subdued during open arguments. It did not reflect his qualified individuality.  Performing his every responsibility ably, he also involved himself into business matters perfectly. His abode in the tannery-dominated Jajmau area caused him to admit this suburb as Bombay, Dubai, Detroit, Denmark or other business cities of the world. He is certainly neither a holy ghost nor a holy fool. He is too wise to be beaten in the lengthy logical conversation. His short stature works perfectly with his wide head. His candid outcry and open affections were not conveying frailty found among human dragons of Andromeda.