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Smoke in Air India flight: Pilot misinterprets order, lights up joint when asked to go high

25, May 2017 By patrakar_popatlal

Smoke emissions from cockpit in Air India flight caused emergency landing yesterday at Mumbai airport. The airport authorities after carrying out an immediate investigation found out the reason for the smoke. It was the pilot, Mr. Joint Marley who had lit up a joint causing the smoke in the cockpit. While the pilot has been taken off duty temporarily, he said he was innocent as he received orders to go “high”.

Our special correspondent Geeta Vishwas investigated further to find out more about the incident. She met with the co-pilot of the flight who narrated the entire incident. Autopilot Kumar, his colleague & co-pilot said ”Marley had been recently under tremendous stress due to personal problems. Recently his half-girlfriend broke up in full after he failed to get her tickets for the movie Half-Girlfriend.”

Pilots getting ready to go high
Pilots getting ready to go high

Describing Marley’s agony, Kumar said, “He had barely moved on when MSD failed to finish the match in the IPL final leading to another shock. He hadn’t yet decoded Shashi Tharoor’s farrago tweet for which he was removed from his family Whatsapp group. But all hell broke loose when his door-ke-rishtedaar from Andromeda galaxy asked him about his job promotion. After the salary fiasco we had resorted to driving auto rickshaws near airport to ensure employment. And when asked about promotion at a time salaries were not guaranteed, Marley couldn’t take it & went into depression”.

Talking about the D-day, he recalled “We had completed all checks & were ready for take off. I asked Marley how he was doing to which he said he was taking natural medication & was better than before. The flight took off and all was good until he received further instructions to go “high”! On hearing this, he took out a joint, lit it up & started smoking. Before I could stop him, I was taken over by the ambience that was created. He offered me the joint and I could not refuse”.

Lighting up a joint he continued “I had set the flight on autopilot (as usual) beforehand. And what followed were 40 minutes of eternal bliss! It felt as if we were flying by our own, hovering over the clouds but just then the joint got over. We regained senses control over the flight and reported to the ATC about the smoke”.

While the national airline is yet to decide on the final punishment, Autopilot said that Marley had already set for Kasol for his new start-up “High over the sky”.