Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Skirting foods in trains holds sense

01, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If the passengers avoid buying food items from the vendors in running trains, there is definitely a soft reason behind this earnestness. As they are seldom satisfied with the quality of the food items commonly sold by the vendors they prefer to carry their own homely foods for consumption through their journey. They are even found carrying their water bottle too. This is a logical idea at least to protect from an unexpected problem.

Although the train passengers have been showing a tendency to consume some packed items yet they are not totally satisfied with the standard. Even the CAG reports have supported this stark fact. The report made it clear that the foods served on the running trains are not fit for the human consumption at some places. It was even cooked in the polluted water and in the most unhygienic unbearable conditions.

The passengers used to cry foul over the availability of the poor quality of cold drinking water. Sometimes unsealed bottled are sold. This practice remains in practice without any fear of the set rules. The worst happened with the supply of the spoiled biryani in the Poorva Express in recent days. The foods being served in the running trains are never considered of finer quality.The humble passengers journeying from Jharkhand to Uttar Pradesh spotted the disgusting garnish surprisingly.

This was the worst kind of sheer negligence as a dead lizard was found in the vegetable Biryani. The passengers never knew that they would be served with bad quality vegetable Biryani. A dead lizard in this food item was an intolerable instance.┬áThis was snitched through a tweet to the Union Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu.What was reported by the CAG has been justified under the latest evidential proof? The railways’ authorities awakened from their deep slumber.