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Six DTC drivers arrested for stopping bus at designated stop

27, Jul 2016 By Qais

Delhi. Six Delhi Transport Corp. (DTC) bus drivers were arrested by Delhi Police today for stopping the bus at the designated DTC bus stop. This strange arrest happened at much crowded Mukarba Chowk flyover DTC bus stop following a complaint by an old woman who was unable to catch the bus despite she walked 1.6 kms. away from bus stop.

The old lady was trying to catch the bus to Uttam Nagar where she had an appointment for her open heart surgery. “I am an orphan & my children have left me on my fate, I am alone in this big city. I am a heart patient and have regular doctor visits to Uttam Nagar on this route by DTC bus. I have been traveling on this route for the last thirty years since I came to this city with my departed husband. Every time I (along with so much crowd) catch the bus easily. I know that DTC drivers don’t stop bus at designated stops hence I & rest of the crowd start walking little further in bus direction. Today I had my heart surgery & I came at bus stop at sharp 9 AM. There was heavy rush & I followed my trick to walk. I could see six Bahri Mudrika (DTC bus name) in 2 hrs but I was unable to catch any of them just because they were stopping at bus stop itself. At 10.38 AM I realized that I had walked around 1.6 KM. and I was going to miss my surgery so I called Delhi Police. These DTC drivers are cheating people and are creating problems to common public”, explained the 94 yrs. old lady with full of anger.

The bus that never stops on designated stops
The bus that never stops on designated stops

Mr. Natwar Lal, Delhi Police SHO Adarsh Nagar registered an FIR under section 420 (cheating) against six drivers and dropped the old lady to her destination in his own police vehicle. “We have started investigation in this case, prima facie the drivers are arrested for cheating so many passengers. They should have joined cab services if they want to stop the vehicle at designated points, they will not be allowed to trouble so many people, that too during odd-even. We will further investigate this case from all angles including murder if these drivers did it knowingly so as the lady cannot attend her surgery and dies. We have also called her son and are checking the call details if he bribed the drivers for this to get the property of lady”, commented the SHO.

We interviewed few daily commuters on same route and found that the problem, which we were thinking just a small-strange issue was actually very serious. “See when there are so many people on bus stop during peak hours & you are in hurry then you have to catch the bus anyhow so you start walking little far-away from stop because from your experience you know that DTC driver will stop the bus little far. If he stops the bus at stop then we have only two options- either wait for next bus or go back to stop. Going back is not a good option again by my experience because by that time bus will be full hence as a result we miss that bus.”, said a college girl only when we agreed to take a selfie with her. Another govt. employee at Delhi Jal Board became sentimental when we asked him about how frequently he gets a seat in the bus. He almost had tears in eyes while thanking Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, “All bus drivers stop the bus now at designated bus stand but people have a habit of walking further, so as most of the people are not at stand, I always get the seat both in bus, and in the office. I thank to my Delhi CM for my chair-settleded life. But I am just worried when people will know the secret that drivers are stopping at stops then no one will walk further and again I will not get the seat.”

The arrest of six drivers took a political move after few hours when Delhi CM declared this as a vendetta politics by Mr. Modi. In a press conference he targeted at PM, “Mr. Modi loves to create hindrance in Delhi govt. functioning, he create chaos for us whenever he returns to India. First arrest to MLAs, then to my officials, raids at my officers and secretaries and now arresting my employees, what you want Mr. Modi. Arrest me and my ministers but please leave Delhi’s Janta.” He also requested to Delhi people to forgive Mr. Modi, “Pyare Dilli vasiyon, Modi Ji ko maaf kar dijiye, wo nahin jaante wo kya apradh kar rahe hain”, said Mr. Kejriwal in Jesus style.

Stopping the bus at designated stop is a good practice by DTC drivers but Delhites are not habitual of this hence it is creating issues during odd-even and rush hours. We are terrified about the condition of differently abled people in DTC buses, it seems impossible for them to catch a DTC bus. Infact we found many differently abled on DTC stops but all were waiting for cabs.

The three opposition MLAs of Delhi also raised the same point talking to press. “We all three were coming to assembly by OP Sharma Ji’s bike but now we have decided to use DTC bus to face what public is going through.” said a BJP MLA. The three MLAs demanded to rename DTC as Divyang Transport Corporation to show symbolic empathy to differently abled. This demand was replied in a witty tweet by AAP spokesperson Dr. Kumar Vishwas : “After paralyzing Delhi govt. in all possible manners now BJP wants to rename DTC as Divyang Transport Corp. Lol.”

This order by Delhi CM to stop buses at stops was to help public during odd-even but seems like it has become problematic for public who has accepted disorder as a proper functioning. Whatever happens in one more Delhi vs. center war but we can conclude that Delhi CM is having odd days while running his govt. in the “so called state of Delhi”.