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Sigmund Freud's discovery of mentally unstable IASs and beauty queens

16, Jun 2014 By Fakerazzi

In a big revelation today, India TV has informed us about the discovery of few more categories of crazies defined by Freud with the help of Nostradamus.

As we all know, Nostradamus knew everything and so told Freud that in 21st century, India is going to get few world-changing professionals. Investigative team of India TV found these under the tons of other insignificant stuff created by Freud.

Thus Freud postulated. The great philosopher though also offered some alternative career options for them in recognition of their diminished mental capability. In the juxtaposed opinion of the various maxim, he thus decreed as follows

  1. Any IAS who hath not shown the desire to work for the uplifting of poor be declared as insane henceforth. He has to be transferred twice in a year to work on the Twitter feed of yet another politician turned sports lover.
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  3. Any beauty queen being unaware of the existence of Mother Teresa & starving children of Africa be denigrated as the has-been. No boob baring (for hungry children) movie roles shall be offered to her till she gets back her composure.
  4. All IITians not supporting AAP be downgraded to the NITs and especially Manipal, the new CEO factory.
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  6. All IIMers who have not started their own e-commerce company should be made to work as the PA to Rohan Murthy or the persona similara during their U-Turn battle of Attrition.
  7. All NRIs who have not posted one nostalgic every day while out of India be considered as the alien in their chosen land of work, mostly US or UK, and treated as a slave.
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  9. A bengali or mallu must be made to watch every IND-SL cricket match for whole lifetime if he/she/they have not unfurled the flag of a FIFA WC participating country outside his/her/their office, home and car.

This thus concludes the first episode in the series on the undiscovered hypotheses and predictions of Freud-Nostradamus Twin Band.

[In the next episode] Some gems from the “Guha-Kabir combine school for secular Gandhigiri”.

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