Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Short spells deluge central station

01, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Friday’s sudden showers inundated the Central railway station completely as the news reported. The Railways’ tracks, different platforms and underground subway were filled up with the one-hour long rains which certainly dropped the cruel hotness. Even the tin shade covering the platforms were continuously leaking from diverse holes. The much spotless platform number one was also not quite safe from this menace. The passengers were finding it difficult to find a suitable spot to stand. However, despite the DRM’s year-old order for laying down new sewer line is yet to undertake.

Sixty-year-old sewer lines have not been changed so far. The water logging on the tracks causes faults in the signalling system. As the signal wires are spread underground, the rain water easily enters under the ground through the holes dug up by the influx of the rats thereby harming the wires. This directly disrupts the proper movement of the trains passing through the Central station. The passengers react that everything continued on Prabhu’s mercy.

Several disgruntled passengers have their own opinions in regard to the persisting problems at the station. They are overheard saying that the railways’ authorities increase the fare every year in the name of the facilities. But seriousness was not applied in providing promised facilities. It was their slackness which delays trains’ proper movement. Despite paying increased fares the signal faults obstruct train’s departure on time. The trains even leave for its various destinations behind the schedule just for the delay in maintenance and repairs work. Even though the station gets inundated with water but the passengers used to complain of the drinking water paucity more often.

The passengers used to face difficulties at different platforms of the Central station. The situation in the rainy days turns out unbearable. Sometimes the responsible authorities try to show indifference towards required facilities but when they decided firmly improvements are seen.