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Shopkeeper nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for returning exact change instead of chocolates

19, Jun 2014 By Siddharth Patki

Pune: India has finally found a hero, a shopkeeper who will provide you exact change in return instead of chocolates.

When FN reporter interviewed Chandu who brought this matter into the light, said,  “It was early morning and I went to our shopkeeper Mr Kulkarni to get milk. The cost was Rs 8 and I gave him 10 and in return he gave Rs 2 change with smile. I was thunderstruck, didn’t know how to react, so I asked him for 2 chocolates, as I am addicted to chocolates now. When I told this to my friends they didn’t believe me first, but later even they were stumped when they got exact change in return.”

Now, they are just toffees

Since that day news has spread like a wildfire and everyone is going to this departmental store just to check if there is any truth to this myth.

When FN reporter ( who never believe in such fake news) tested this theory it came out to be very true. Faking news reporter went to shop gave Rs 10 and asked just 1 rupee toffee. Then shopkeeper gave Rs 9 back and said with smile  “Thank you, Visit again”, reporter fainted after that. After the recovery he interviewed this miracle man, whom they call him now “The Change Man”.

When asked the reason behind this generosity.”Karma” replied Mr Kulkarni. “Last week when I was traveling through the government bus, I gave bus conductor Rs 20 as my fair was Rs 13, he asked for the change but I didn’t had it, he said he will come back to me with change, he never came back neither I received my 7 chocolates, then I realized what i did all my life. “On that day I took an oath not to treat chocolates as currency and all always return change to the customer.”

Currently, this news has taken country by storm, in competition other shops have also started providing the change no matter what you buy, some shops even provide Rs 1000 change even if you buy Rs 5 stuff.

“He is a ‘Modern revolutionary’, he has changed the face of the nation. He changed the shopkeepers attitude  from”Chutthhe nahi hai?? to Yeh lo Chutthe( Don’t You have change?? to Here’s the change),” commented finance minister.

According to Noble Prize spokeperson “The Change man’ has stopped the public outrage regarding the change which is remarkable peace effort not only that brought Indian economy up buy converting chocolates back into currency. The country which almost believed that Chocolate is a form currency, he has opened eyes of entire nation, that’s why we have nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.”