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Sheena Bora is alive, studying in Afghanistan

03, Sep 2015 By nuisancenews

“All is well. My sister daughter is busy pursuing her academics.”: Indrani Mukerjea

In a shocking turn of events, leading arm chair sting operation journalist Mr. Deepak Kumar Bhai, of All India radio claims that Sheena Bora is alive and currently studying in Afghanistan. She has has been located by drones near Tora Bora, the Taliban head quarters. She was sent there by her mother under cover on an academic scholarship to learn ancient medieval journalism and belly dancing.

As Sheena is expected to further go to Syria for advanced studies and had gone there on a Gujrati visa, this was kept hidden from her family and police till date. The skeletons unearthed in Raigad hills have been identified to those missing from the biology lab of Newspur, Nasik. It has been sent to Apollo hospital, Chennai for further treatment in ICU.

With this revelation, the police and CBI have closed the case and released the Mukherjeas and driver . The mysterious caller who started this fake murder case has been identified as someone close to StarTV network and will be investigated for possible TRP spiking charges.