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Shashi Tharoor Paid Advance of Rs.70 crores for his upcoming book

06, Nov 2012 By Ujjal Choudhury

A famous publication house has bought the publishing rights of Shashi Tharoor’s forthcoming book for an amount of Rs. 30 crores and paid him the entire amount in advance Faking News came to know today. The book which is to be titled Sassy’s Seven Wives is expected to be completed in 2050 by which time he would have tied the knot 4 more times.

The movie rights of the book has been bought by an unnamed production house by paying an advance of Rs. 40 crores and the movie will be titled Sattar Khun Maaf. A well informed source told us that the theme song of the movie has been inspired by a recent Amul ad and will be sung to the tune of the all time favourite Airtel jingle and allowed us a sneak preview of the lyrics which go as follows:

Aam Aadmi marke jaise ghost hota hai/ waise har ek wife Tharoori hota hai Koi Bangla bolne wali smart si wife/ koi sath kam karne wali firang wife Koi ghotala karke naukri se nikaale/ koi age anewali meri theka le Secretary General ban ne ka bahut koshish ki/ lekin Donkey Moon meri band baaja di Kuchh din aur thora time mujhe do/ put my foot in my mouth and then I will go

Shashi Tharoor confirmed all these details to this Faking News reporter. When told that the title of the book closely matched that by a famous Indian author who writes in English he cryptically retorted while it was true that the cattle class thought and travelled alike, it was also true that fools seldom differed.

Asked about the amounts advanced to him he said that this was just to show that he was quite capable of making Rs. 70 crores and provide it to his priceless wife and she didn’t need to get involved in any underhand deals to deal with that kind of money. “In any case after all these allegations against Khurshid bhai the party has given us a whip asking us not to deal in small change” he said, “ and since there is so much confusion around the number 70 I had to make sure it was in crores and not 71 lakhs like Khurshid bhai who way back from our days together in St. Stephen’s has always been poor in maths”.