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Sharapova reading "50 Famous Indians" book to avoid future controversies

06, Jul 2014 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi – Cricket is a religion in India, Sachin the God and how do you react when someone is unaware of the God’s existence? You bash them ruthlessly. The recent victim of this rage was Maria Sharapova, the hot and sexy tennis player we don’t really know who she is but Google says she plays tennis.

The immense hate was bombarded on the tennis player through social networking sites. “I really don’t know what is going on at this moment .. I wasn’t a very aware kid from the very start .. You can ask my GK Teacher every time he asked me something I was blank .. but nobody reacted in such a fierce message,” said the perplexed Sharapova in an interview with Faking News.

Sharapova memorizing Indian Celebrity names even in the court before Press Conference.

The public image of the tennis legend has suffered badly in the recent times, the PR Team of Maria reported “There were thousands of proposals for Maria from India Engineers, but it changed drastically .. Specially a handle @I_LOVE_SHARAPOVA who kept asking her out through tweets  also contributed dexterously in the #WhoIsMariaSharapova trend.”

Meanwhile, Sharapova has taken steps to ensure nothing like this happens again, “I am very cautious now. I have ordered a book online named 50 Famous Indians. Not only that I am in talks with Arvind Kejriwal to be my personal mentor, I have heard he knows about everyone in India and is expert in exposing everyone.”

Maria further added, “Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Dravid, Modi, etc. are the few names I have recited, thanks to my team for researching the most sensitive fan bases of people in India. I also know some KRK guy who keeps sending me kisses in his good night tweets.”