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Sharad Pawar finally gets the “No. 2” seat with UPA

27, Jul 2012 By The_Commonman_Rises

Sonia Gandhi has finally got an unique solution to the ongoing tiff between NCP and Congress. She has placed an order at RichIndians Ceramics in Switzerland for a brand new toilet seat i.e seat for No.2.

According to our sources, the seat is believed to be a replica of the adjoining seat (pic at right side):

We also have reports that this No.2 seat will be placed right besides Manmohan Singh ji’s chair. “The formula has worked, Sharadji has agreed to continue with UPA when this seat was offered to him. For us and the rest of UPA, we are thankful that SharadJi did not insist on making this seat functional!!” said a delighted Sonia Gandhi when asked about this recent development.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar responded by saying that “We have supported the UPA government in all the shit times that it has faced, hence this seat will remind congress of two things, that NCP is the No. 2 in UPA as well as all the shit that UPA has accumulated needs to flushed before 2014 elections.”

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has as well used this opportunity to upgrade his chair in UPA, since now he is to play more important role in the functioning of UPA. His previous seat in UPA and his upgraded chair are believed to be following:

RahulBaba’s Old chair                       RahulBaba’s New upgraded chair

But this solution of seat changing has not gone down well with ministers in Maharashtra. Manmohan Singh is likely to cancel the plan of allotting 5000cr package to Maharashtra. A minister from maharashtra was reported saying “Sharadji has enough, but ordinary ministers like us still haven’t amassed even 1% of what he has, he should have not accepted the offer. Hame bhi to kamane ka mauka milna chahiye…”

Noted Civil Society member Arvind kejriwal took a dig at Sharad Pawarji by commenting “He has always been a “do numberi” man with “2 numberi” kaam.What more number 2 does he want?.” This comment even brought a smiled on otherwise grim faced Anna’s face while he was sitting on dharna.