Saturday, 24th February, 2018

Shaktimaan fan arrested, charged for threatening

10, Jan 2013 By pops

A Shaktimaan fan was arrested here from Haldwani (A city in Uttarakhand) suspected to be the hoax caller who proved to be electricity department’s worst nightmare.

“He’s the one”, claims Mr. Mathur, a Sub inspector who arrested him in charge of “Threatening the whole Electricity department by calling every day and Demanding Not to Cut power on 26th January else any bad can happen”.

when our reporter Mr. pops asked him how did they caught him, he exclaimed loudly” it’s not a case that’s easy to solve, But we checked the Phone call data of power department office for his number, got his identity from the service provider and peeked into his Facebook profile to look for proofs and Evidence.”

When asked what they found in there, He answered “His recent Facebook Status was” Yippee, Shaktimaan- Telefilm premiering this 26th. And guess what, there will be no power cuts”.

When contacted the suspect, he said”Yes, I was the one. But that wasn’t a hoax call”. Taking a deep breath he comments,” It’s been years since the last episode of Shaktimaan  premiered on D.D. Since then Tamraj kilvish and his power of darkness has risen a lot. Even the best of my friends are in the hands of “ko-pind” and other dark masters. When I heard that Shaktimaan: the Telefilm is premiering this 26th January, I thought that maybe he is returning to kill the Master of all the evil”.” I remember when I was young these people (Those at the power department) used to cut off the power, whenever Shaktimaan premiered on TV, I think the power department works for Tamraj kilvish and not for The Indian government”, He says.

When we asked him “Ain’t you sorry for what you did”? He Explains” I wasn’t threatening them. It’s for the welfare of the whole world. If they won’t cut the power off at the time of Shaktimaan Telefilm premier, then maybe Shaktimaan could end it, these are just some chhoti chhoti but moti baatein, they should understand”