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Sentiments of Biryani fans hurt, after Delhiite mistakes pulav for biryani

25, Aug 2014 By onesidedargument

We all know about epicures of biryani, all they do when they come to a new city is to find out an authentic (we understand the fact everybody’s biryani is authentic) biryani point.

These biryani Zealots were crestfallen after knowing that somebody called pulav as biryani. Pranav, after having a dinner party at Khan’s near Connaught place updated his Facebook status to “at Khan’s, the most amazing biryani by far”. This status created tremors in biryani community, “our identity is at stake, people aren’t able to distinguish between pulav and biryani. Khan’s don’t even have biryani in their menu,” posited one of the members. We need to do something about this perennial ignorance, “We also go to many places for eating, in case of kebabs all look similar and tastes similar too, do we ever call kalmi kebab as tangdi kebab? ” questioned another dismayed biryani babu.

Fans have come out to streets asking Pranav to apologize for mistaking pulav for biryani. AIKC( All India kebab cartel) called these protests a nonsense and publicity stunts, “unlike kebabs, biryani and pulav are both rice items, both looks almost similar to naked eye and nobody seems to have an idea what actual difference is. Pranav is being targeted just because of his identity as ardent kebab fan.”

Rajeshwar rao, Minister for meaterians and non-vegetarians, solicited for peace. “We are united in all diversities, can’t we put behind our differences and move on. Why can’t we have biryani with kebab?” This seems to have created some amity between both groups; some people were seen distributing biryani packets and kebabs among them.