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Seeing the hiring of new interns in Avengers team, Shaktiman applies for the position

29, Apr 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi/New York: Our own extremely cultured, old fashioned and old aged Superhero Shaktiman has gone crazy after watching Age of Ultron movie. It is not the action sequences or special effects which made him lose his mind but the fact that Avengers are hiring again and that too for the position of Superhero interns and trainees.

“I had always wanted to be a part of an elite imaginary group like Avengers and I had been applying to it for the past so many years but they never even accepted my application form. They have hired 2 guys recently. One is a fast boy and another a mind controlling girl. What is so special about it? I am faster than they are. In fact, I came here flying and not by DTC bus. Mothers make me control their childrens’ minds all the time to make them do their homework, to brush their teeth etc.” Angry Shaktiman told our Faking News reporter while doing his fak fak fak.

“Avengers, I am coming, You better hire me!”

He further revealed, “I am a 60 year young handsome unemployed guy, you know when legend Uncle Chaudhary retired he passed his walking stick to me and not to Sabu, there must have been some reason behind that. These egomaniac Avengers hate us, they think only they have the right to put the world in danger first and then save it. This time, I am sending my application form through Krish not by speed post. ”

When our Faking News reporter discovered other Indian Superheros in the slums, their reactions were:

Krish said, “Shaktiman bro is totally right, these Holly wood Superheros are really mean, they come out with recruitment notification secretly, I have been sending RTIs to them to know about the job profile, package, Saturday’s working or not for months now but they don’t revert.”

G-one said, “I even have a green card that’s like a plus point and I have experience of working as a PA to Rajnikant for 11 months now still I don’t get hired or even called for an Interview or even acknowledged by them as a Superhero.”

According to our sources with super powers, some unknown Superheros like Nagraj, Hatim tai, Captain Vyom, Kid from Shaka Laka Boom Boom after meeting Rahul Baba and Arvind Kejriwal, have decided to protest outside Parliament to know when they will get hired and their “acche din will come”.