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Seculars sued for celebrating their good faith over secularism

05, Aug 2014 By ajeeb

Tamil Nadu: While in Meerut where some seculars have mistakenly raped a 20 year old woman and converted her religion inside a secularized building, keeping the same enthusiasm to pump their secular instincts over the globe, a couple of Indians got sacked in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. Without considering their faith and belief over Terrorism Secularism, TN police have made the arrests.

The arrest came to picture after an image of a dozen of Indians posing in ISIS black tees in Tamil Nadu, which went viral on the internet.“ Other than an arrest we had no options, there are several young boys who have left the state in search of 72 virgins a Separate country.” told Mr. Chintaswamy Iyer who has made the arrests.

Seculars Playing ‘terrorist-terrorist’,Their fingers shows their dedication to the play.

This matter has created an enormous amount of heat in the state and the country as well. Some inhabitants have claimed these dozen of youngster as a disgrace to the society. Mr. Anonymous said, “These belligerents have got no right to live, they have posed like Osama in the photograph,yet claims over their good faith. Crap, this suits well to their faith.”

FN got a chance to chit-chat for a while with the seculars arrested, “We are innocents, we believe in terrorism secularism and were celebrating our faith in ISIS . This is Indian democracy and we can do whatever we want.” Explained Mr. Terrori- Al-Sekulari. “We were playing ‘terrorist-terrorist’ in the vicinity of a Mosque, for obvious reasons we were dressed up like some militant and got snapped deliberately by some journalist. This poor decision of TN police has shattered India s’ secular image, don’t you all know ‘boys make mistakes’,” added Mr. Terrori- Al-Sekulari.

As of now the prime accused Mr. Rahman who is held responsible for the distribution of T-shirts is being charged with IPC-420, as he has nabbed INR 250 for a 50 buck stuff from each of the persons shown in the photograph (excluding the one in heaven).