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Secular Garba comes up in Gujarat; to allow men from all religion to dance

29, Sep 2014 By manithan

Ahmedabad: Fed up by the communal tensions, certain secular Hindu groups have come up with Secular Garba setup, allowing men and women from all religion to dance.

It was Hindu extremism on the rise all across India in the past few months. The Hindu extremism was evident from communal Hindu groups claiming about false Love Jihad, telling people who convert by “their will and desire” to not convert.

“It is the denial of basic human right, to let a person be told that he is being fooled,” a writer claimed in an editorial writing about the fake Love Jihad. But then, they did not stop there. A Hindu group from Madhya Pradesh has recently put up a poster outside garba venue that “Non-Hindus are not allowed inside garba pandal.

But a recent news from an unexpected quarter has been a breather for the common man. Secular Hindu groups in Gujarat have come forward and have organised Garba Pandals that allows all religious people, without any discrimination. They have also invited men and women from all religion to participate in garba dance.

Speaking to press, Ram Chandar Modi, one of the organiser, said, “We are tired of those extreme Hindu groups showing discrimination. It is a Hindu festival, which means, everyone is open to come here. Hinduism is an all-embracing religion. Muslims and Christian men and women also can come here and dance till the sun arises. And the good thing is, we will not tell them to convert as Hindu to participate in our religious festival. You don’t need to bring any ID card to get entry. We do not also charge any entry fee!”

Ram C Modi continued, “The garba pandals at MP and other places that forbids the entry of non-Hindus are making us remember the apartheid movement. Remember the Apartheid movement which denied the entry of blacks to certain places. But we are not like them. We do not discriminate people based on religion or color or caste. For me, all are Indians. And let me reiterate my comment that all Indians are welcome to Garba pandals.”

Posters outside the Garba hosted by Secular Hindu Group. Organisers were adamant that entry will not be allowed, when one does not sing Vande Mataram. This has created a storm with all liberals and seculars condemning this incident, that this is
Posters outside the Garba hosted by Secular Hindu Group. Organisers are adamant that entry will be allowed, only when the person sings National Song. This has created a controversy with all liberals and seculars condemning this incident, adding that this is “forced conversion” of religious people into nationalism.