Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Secret beer recepie OUT! Obama leaves Mitt high and dry.

16, Sep 2012 By Mirza Rangeela

Obama has figuratively taken his gloves off to take on big ole Mitt. With the release of the secret white house beer recipe Obama has taken the presidential fight to the bars. Many experts believe that this is a strategic maneuver by the Obama camp to capitalize on Mitts teetotaler capacity. Obama has gone all out by inviting fellow democrats for a wild beer party on the white house lawns. Some republicans could also be seen enjoying a pint or two, with Ryan (Mitts running mate) running the show for the republicans with a drunken patriotic speech on bombing Iran soon if he became the vice president. Mitt could be seen standing at the gates shaking his head, and holding a banner “No I can’t drink, but I can wait Ryan”

Mitt launched his offensive the same night with banners cropping up all over republican backed localities, supporting orange juice. Mitt Romney in a press conference the following day stated the benefits of pure Florida orange juice and went on to rip off his shirt to showcase his one night old six packs. He declared beer as unpatriotic and orange juice as the true patriotic drink.

Back home our politicians had a desi take on the issue. Our special correspondent caught up with Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadavji outside parliament, where Lalooji declared that “bhais ka doodh is the best”. He went to you invite both Mittji and Osamaji to enjoy a glass of doodh with him at his official dairy. He later corrected the Osamaji to Obamaji, but also packed a punch when he said “Osama ho ya Obama baat to ek hi hai” .He checked off at least ten benefits of “shud doodh”, before security personnel had to escort him away as he started to milk a stray cow outside parliament.

As the presidential race intensifies, hold on to your beer mugs, juice cans and doodh ka gilas to witness ever more political maneuvering in the Americas. With both Obama and Mitt going at full throttle more beverage wars can be expected in the near future.