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Sec 144 imposed in Kaushambi after a bridegroom refuses to marry unless 15 conditions are met

17, Dec 2013 By trishanku

A piquant situation was created last night at a marriage in Kaushambi near Delhi when the groom refused to marry unless the conditions put by him were agreed upon by the bride, her family and most surprisingly, the family of the person whom the girl had rejected earlier.

Not an easy path.

The girl’s father, a DCP in Delhi Police, tried to reason with the groom and protested that he should have informed about these conditions earlier. Yet in view of the delicate situation he struck a conciliatory note and said that while he and his daughter could somehow agree to the conditions, but he could not force the family of the boy that his daughter had rejected to agree to the conditions imposed on them.

The situation took an ugly turn when the bridegroom started leaving saying he would come after 10 days and marry the girl provided by then he got the written agreement signed by all concerned. The girl’s uncle lost his temper and shouted abuses at the groom and his family, and this soon led to a free for all as blows were exchanged and the chairs were hurled at each other. The local police got the message and imposed sec 144 in the area to ward off further trouble.

FN correspondent managed to talk to the bride’s father and got an idea of most of the 15 conditions put by the groom not just on him or his daughter but, and I repeat, also on the family of the boy rejected by the girl. He wanted them to ensure that he and the two families would :

1. not use red beacons on their cars, live in big bungalows or take any special security. 2. allow the checking of electricity meters in their houses. 3. allow external audit of their accounts and tallying these with their income tax returns. 4. wear clothes manufactured by companies prescribed by him. 5. ensure that he gets a promotion in his job. 6. consume less than 220 liters of water per person per day. 7. allow the decisions of their family being taken by the mohalla sabhas. 8. pay salary of the maid(s) working in their houses at par with the government scales for skilled workers. 9. ensure that : he succeeds in reducing the price of electricity by 50%. 10. he opens new hospitals for the needy people. 11. he provides pukka houses to all 12. he provides infrastructural facilities like roads, electricity, water and other basic facilities to the ordinary traders. 13. he provides facilities and subsidies to the farmers in the villages within six months 14. he provides security to women and all the harassment cases are tackled within three months. 15. he sets up enough courts and appoints judges so that all cases are dealt with within six months.

The tension in the colony is palpable and people are discussing everywhere these strange conditions. Most people agree that it is a convenient ploy by the clever man to avoid marrying and still not get a bad name that he ran away from the mandap.