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Scuffle ended in exchange of slaps

29, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What an altercation! It began and ended soon. No politicisation of this brawl initiated. It might have possibly been owing to the very fact that this antagonistic issue remained confined between the two quick-tempered refined females.

Though every matter small or big gets politicised sooner in view of the prevailing political atmosphere in some prominent state of the country, none of the political parties deemed it suitable to lift the ladies’ brawl issue prominently.

It somehow established the prevalent reality if the dog bites a man it is not big news; the news breaks when a man bites the dog. Here the altercation was between the two women. So, everything decided concurrently. It was limited to two persons with distinct temperament. The passenger might have taken the fight in the light of emotional explosion.

It could be categorised as one of the better examples for the adage ‘Tit for Tat.’ What can be a better example than this recent slap incident between the two annoyed ladies at the New Delhi Terminal-3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport?

As the reports said that a lady passenger belonging to Haryana’s Panchkula Town was directly denied the air ticket for arriving late at the counter. She was to fly for Ahmadabad thereby missed her straight desired plane journey.

As it was also reported that some altercation did go on with the lady passenger and the duty manager, the irritated lady passenger soon after got into a scuffle with the Air India staffer reportedly. This caused the tension expand further. Simmering with intense anger the airline’s female staffer in retaliation slapped her back.

Though the matter reached the police station, the Air India Manager has withdrawn the case following both the parties were purportedly resolved to bring to an end the complicated matter agreeably and affably.