Sunday, 25th February, 2018

SC's tadak, tadak, tadak on old habit

23, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is wrong cannot be correct? What is unacceptable cannot be acceptable? What is abhorrent cannot be desirable? This is what has come from the apex court’s ruling. The Supreme Court has ultimately banned the controversial practice of Talaq-i-biddat allowing the Muslim men to leave their wedded wives by just uttering talaq thrice at a time. How can the Court of Law agree with the customary satanic sense? Any decision done in the haste is never thought to be aptly rational. In that case, how the divorce can be considered as a fair choice. Subsequently, the law will surely be enacted.

What was done in Egypt several years ago has now been acknowledged in our great country? Just as every pros and cons had been studied in that country earlier so as the Supreme Court ended the outdated practice now. The three utterances Talaq,Talaq, Talaq are no more existing after the fresh judgement. It is struck down after all. It is settled law now as we see it. At this very instant, the Muslim women will now be able to raise their voice against the theologians’ pecking order on the marriage and the divorce. Their petty words will no longer be considered important on the religious matters as the experts say.

However, it is beyond the human intellectual capacity as to how the very sight of the Muslim women’s distributing sweets and singing at the new judgement was displayed. The Muslim men still possess the privilege of divorcing their spouses in a different way. The parity is still to come. They have definitely received deliverance from the triple talaq in one sitting. Although there has been talking of equality yet the process of balancing out the gender equality among the Muslims seems not over, because Muslim men still reserve the talaq right without resorting to the legal course of action.