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Scooter owner meets trouble busters

20, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Old is gold. But every old thing can’t be precious like the golden bars. Only yellow metal remains golden if we look at other metallic items. In case of the two-decade-old scooter, this proverb does not fit well. Though it remained in one hand it deterioration appears at the time of the irregular mechanical imperfections. At that time the necessity of new two-wheeler agitates in the scooter owner’s mind. He has been time and again advised by his well-wishers to discard the old vehicle.

The other day his scooter developed some peculiar snags. Despite usual confirmation of plug and other devices in the correct order, the scooter was not starting. The road where the two-wheeler developed snag was far from the repairing centres. It was noon and the scooter owner was covered with sweat badly but he was resolute for repairing of the scooter. No sooner did he look towards the road a bike-borne mechanic was approaching fast. He stopped him and the mechanic also brought his bike to a screeching halt. First, he advised the scooter owner to discard the vehicle and then got the scooter’s engine vibrating with full voice.

For the scooter owner, it was a great help from that gentle, mild and balanced minded young plump mechanic. However, prior to taking help of the kind mechanic, three gentle persons offered their respective help to the owner of the defunct scooter. One enquired of the petrol, another said of pushing the vehicle while the third person suggested him of getting into his car by leaving the useless scooter. The scooter owner was certainly lucky enough of the help. Now he has finally decided to buy a new avenger in order to free himself from the risky position. Everyone knowing him is eagerly awaiting his completion of his long resolve.