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Scoopwhoop and Wikipedia acquisition is the next big thing you should know

28, Jul 2015 By donaldeinstein

Pune: After the catastrophic CBSE results declared earlier this year, students all over India are glued to their social networking sites in search of help. The social media has something for everyone. The posts shared by friends summing up every possible thing under the sun in just 10 points are going ‘viral’ these days. These posts clearly talk to the point and the attached images comes handy for easy explanation. The websites publishing contents in this fashion are in high demand.

Studying the Buzzfeed way!
Studying the Buzzfeed way!

Ashish Pandey a class 12th student who will be appearing for the board exams next year shared his views with Faking News. “The websites like ScoopWhoop have helped me strategize the exams better. The short answers must be crisp and clear and should be done away with 10 points at max. The long answers should however consist more than 10 points. Also I’ve learned to present same answer to different questions by just renewing the headings. I have applied these techniques in my unit test and scored well. In case I fail, as an alternative I have access to ’10 reasons WHY it’s cool to flunk high school.'”, Ashish put his view.

Various schools and colleges have also encouraged the students to follow the model of ’10 things you should know’ to answer the questions.  Ashok Apte a professor of Balaphatak Institute of Technology had talked to our correspondent. “We are happy to announce that we are the first college in the state to adapt to the change. The students seem very positive about the new structure and we are likely to get higher pass percentage.” The sources reveal that students’ report cards are also under scrutiny and could be framed as – ’10 things you should know about your child.’

These websites are very informative and addictive as well. Right from ’10 things you should know about Poonam Pandey’s Yoga’ to ‘NASA’s satellite launch’, it covers all the topics of interest around the globe. The creative and gifted employees work hard to generate enough traffic and are indeed doing their work with utmost perfection. The section ‘Mistakes you never noticed in films’ is gaining high popularity among the youth. While some people have fun sharing these posts others are busy drafting open letters to the concerned directors. Also these sites have become a voice of the youth.  Whether it is Kejriwal’s Dharna or choice of Deepkia’s Surma they cater to all departments.  Though they are more bias towards women issues the men have no problem and frequently show their support by changing the profile pictures of Facebook.

A step further some sites have also added a video section. The videos cover all the wardrobe malfunction, oops moments, dropped catches, how politicians get slapped and especially Salman Khan controversies to name a few. A new strategy to promote the sites is- cast some college pass outs top up with Delhi slang and there you have cooked a brand new web series. While Barkha Dutt a renowned journalist is touched with the women issues, Arnab Goswami a nominee for Nobel Peace award is demanding justice for the victims of various malfunctions happening over the world.

 The websites are giving a tough competition to their counterpart the Wikipedia. Nobody posts wiki links in the social networking sites as it is not so ‘cool’ thing to do. The disadvantage of Wikipedia is that you should have a firsthand knowledge of what you want to search. While this is not the case with other pages-instead you surf happily through Facebook or Twitter and you stumble upon the posts shared by your fellow friends. Even though you missed on something important don’t worry your besties may have shared the link on your timeline. Also navigation in the wiki is tiresome. But these pages read you mind and heart well. Below every content a link is provided ‘You may also like’. And once you enter the loop there is no way out. To save Wikipedia, ScoopWhoop a leading website in the sector has begun talks with the former for acquisition. Looking forward to read ’10 Thing you should know about WikiPoop.’

These websites have garnered immense popularity. They do the thinking for you and edit the content as per your needs; all you are is just a click away. The bottom-line is either you hate or love them you cannot simply ignore them – they are ruling your life.