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Scientists suspect black hole formation near TNEB building resulting in an increase in powercuts

08, Aug 2014 By johnrj

Chennai: Scientists from all over the world have been shocked by the claim by Indian scientists that a black hole has formed near the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board resulting in consistent power cuts throughout the city.

Mr. Moolam Chandrasekar, a famous scientist working in Chennai, has theorized the fact about the black hole. “Yes. It’s as we have been suspecting for years. Chennai electricity board’s main center has become the prey of a mini black hole”

He went on to explain that it’s the only reason that could explain the consistent power loss the city faces while all the states around it are supplied with ample power.

“The gravitational powers are too great to control so Chennai will be doomed with power cuts forever” said Moolam.

TNEB officials expressed their sadness over the news and wished for a brighter future. “We have always been properly supplying power and it was surprising every time when it goes off every day throughout the city”. Some employees also blame the black hole for their faulty phone lines hence their inability to pick up calls to talk to angry customers who complain about the power loss.

Following up with the findings, scientists also found out that the black hole doesn’t seem to affect some places in Chennai coincidentally where Rajinikanth and other popular actors/politicians stay.

“The numbers are mind boggling” said a concerned scientist “We believe thalaiva’s factor has tampered with the black hole itself”

Hearing the news about the South Indian actors’ plight, actors from Bollywood have requested hindi newspaper – Drabhu Peva, to remake this event’s news in Mumbai. Aamir Khan has given a statement that the black hole is already there in Mumbai citing it as the reason why his latest PK poster has him standing naked with no sight of his clothes anywhere.