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schools forced to close after class 12th result as communist parties protest

26, May 2015 By anuj

After declaration of class 12th result, there has been a nationwide dissent amongst students. Few capitalist students have collected too many marks, while poor students have again struggled for the perfect 33.

CBSE chief I M Dheeth has said that he has lost all faith on god. He recalls how it took 2 exams for him to pass class 12th.

“Thanks to the ‘please don’t fail me’ note on my answer sheet and rs 11 prashad to lord hanuman, I was able to score massive 35.45% marks in two years,” he said. However, he added that some students were still crying on Facebook for scoring less marks in a particular subject, when in reality they had scored more marks in the subject than what he scored in all his five subjects together.

“Such a shame,” he added, giving example of Mr. Gupta ji junior who scored 90.5 %  aggregate, and posted that he has poorly in economics. “Just think of misery of poor students, who have failed yet again,” he said.

AAP has declared open protest against students who scored marks too much to handle. Delhi CM Kejriwal has said that the irony of our democracy is that only a few students score marks more than rest 99% of the students.

“They are adani and ambani of future. All students must have right to equal marks. No one should be denied this right,” Kejriwal said.

Rahul Gandhi has said that government has failed to bring the acche din for students. “If we are given a chance, we will bring Indira Gandhi cumulative marks scheme, where if a student reappears in board exams, marks from last year will be added up to their total score. This is for the upliftment of the poor,” he announced.

Meanwhile Supreme Court has also taken note of this issue, and has banned students who scored such extreme marks in class 12th from reappearing in board exam. Akhil Bhartiya Student Bachao have called for school band up to 1st July, in protest.

All students are happy after nationwide school closure.