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School in Kerala ban computer to prevent communal tension

25, Aug 2014 By pareshanatma

In another incidence, a school in Kerala banned use of computers in school after parents of certain community objected as it was hurting their religious sentiments.

This comes after the ban of Vande Mataram,  the national song of India, because of  similar reasons. When the principal was, he was unavailable to comment on the matter, but our Faking News reporter Pareshan Atma caught up with now unemployed computer teacher of the school. The teacher informed the some parents particularly objected to the use of RAM in computers as it was against their feelings.

On being asked about the future of computers in school, the teacher informed that the school is planning to use abacus instead of computers.  Moreover, the teacher said that after recieving threats from parents, the principal had forced himself to believe that computers were bad influence for students and need to be banned from the country to keep up with the secular fabric of India.