Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Scarce chairs irked mothers at fete

18, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: It was a FETE at a posh school. The crowd was immense. Various stalls were put up on the spacious ground. The parents, the students and the others were enjoying and eating the deliciously spicy and trendy foods. It was looking as if the parents were ready to cough up any amount for satisfaction of their wards.

However, what directly disturbed them was a paucity of chairs for the visitors at the fair. The parents got tired after moving out in the quite larger space of the ground. There were chairs on one corner of the ground and it was even occupied by those tired parents who required a little bit of relaxation. But several others did not find the chance and to sit and relax. They were so much exhausted as it was suitable for them to return from the school.

This disorder dismayed them incalculably. The mothers were accompanying with their little children. Therefore they had to manage both the situations first they looked after their youngsters in the middle of the crowd and secondly they also were avoiding enough hurry for moving from one stall to another. They also were cursing the troubles in securing the coupons from the stalls. In this hurry and worry they liked to find a safe seat to rest on but unfortunately, there was no seat handy for them.

Several mothers had to leave the venue after getting perplexed with the amateurish preparation at the ground. Certainly, they were not visiting any Mall where the footwork remained till shopping. If there were sufficient seating arrangement they would not have been annoyed by weariness. It is natural for us to take rest in order to cope with fatigue. It is also natural for us to have common facilities available at the place we take part importantly.