Monday, 26th February, 2018

Scams to get industry status

22, Jul 2013 By Rahul Modi

With new scams mushrooming almost everyday, the Central government has decided to give it industry status.

“Do you know, there are 1000’s of scams that happen. But people are aware of only a select few. This is not correct & good market practice. We need to give a level playing field for every one in the scam industry,” said one leader who is a proud scamster. “The sector needs to be organized, only those where cabinet ministers are involved get publicity, this is not fair,” he said emotionally.

When asked to comment about this, the finance minister said, “Yes, we are planning to make it an industry. How many industry in India can boast of Lakhs of Crores turnover. Even in this dull economy, it is thriving & in fact growing consistently. By bringing it under industry category, we can provide an opportunity for the Scamsters to disclose their income & legitimately come under taxation.”

From undisclosed sources we come to know that there are also plans by few of the scamsters to start an union to help one another & represent to the Government for relaxations and soaps. They are pondering on a good name for the union and will announce it soon.

When our correspondent asked the Home minister about his opinion, he said, “We are planning to create a separate A+ class in jails with 5 star facilities. In fact we are trying to purchase few of the 5 star hotels to be converted as Jails. These are not ordinary criminals, they are delicate, special and very creative people.”

It is learnt that there is jubilation among almost all regional parties, and of-course the national parties are also ecstatic.