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Scams and Road to Global peace

11, Sep 2012 By Ronak_vijay

Many of us know that on 15th august we won freedom. There are many dimension to freedom which one can find in books and internet. One of the aspect that i want to discuss is freedom… “freedom to do scam” which was obviously not enjoyed by indians during the british Raj. According to my grandfather it was almost next to impossible in that time(hidden desire) .

The whole idea of writing this article is to change the attitude of person towards scam, SCAMS should not be treated as One night stand and should be given due respect and demands more dignity.

Just first look at the number of scams in india and their rising magnitude. Bofors scam was of 64 cr rs( albeit roar of scams is more than bofors itself) and recent 2g scam is more than 176000 cr rs. The quantum of these scams are so high that it had even surpassed the GDP of some countries. I don’t know about GOD but SCAM in india can be tagged as OMNIPRESENT. We as a country over the past 60 years of our Independence have excelled in this “FINE ART”.

My perspective: SCAMS are actually helping in National

As we know india is divided on the basis of religion, caste, sex(male,females and others),geographical locations( diilli wala mumbai walla, madrasi), complexion and even hieght ( chotu, tingu n lambu) but when we talk about scam above mentioned divides cease to exists. In place of that we have the following division: 1. People who do the SCAM 2. People who wish to be part of SCAM and dream of doing it in big manner.(Generally these people are good commentator on scams, They have 1000 ideas on new scams) 3.People who express their distress( victim of scams) but in bottom they too want to be part of scam.( Generally these people are bankrupt when it comes to ideas and generally do small & routine kind of work) 4. People who writes and make story and sensitized the whole of the scam( Generally these people are marketers in real terms without which normal public will treat scam as milkman scam of mixing milk with water) So basically we are left with only 4 classes that too all related with scam. Hence it is very safe to say that scam Promotes National Integration- by reducing the division between the society.

Methods to institutionalize( inspired by the Tare zameen par, all kids are not equal some are born with quality to cheat and do scam and mobilize millions into excruciating poverty….why to waste their talent) 3S( scam, school,society)

I strongly believe that SCAMS and their MODUS OPERANDI should be taught in school. A subject under the “SCAM- For all ” should be introduced. Subject will cover brief history about every scam, their related facts and people response towards that scam and various other aspect related with scam in detail.

Institute of higher learning-

Well another suggestion is to establish state of art government institute by name of ” Indian Institute of SCAMS”. Suresh kalmadi and RAJA can be the visiting faculty there and they can discuss about the circumstances which has motivated them to do scams and various loopholes in the system to enrich the massess. Obviously the board of director should be sharad pawar and most loved lalu yadav and karunanidhi.

Sonia and gandhi family will be given seperate section( read semester) because of the family ability to do perptual scams. its going to be the toughtest semester of all.

Other benefits Apart from promoting national integrity scams also promotes TEAM BUILDING SCAMS are not one man job it requires dedicated and coherent( My HR friends can add some words) team effort and planning. ( Point to keep in mind, we indians are historically weak in team work otherwise 1857 mutinity would be remembered as final Independence movement).

Its very difficult for any indivdual to look towards operational aspect of scam, legal aspect, human resource etc single handedly and only well knit team can address this problem. Hence it would be safe to say that SCAMS promotes team work.

Paisa ( baap bada na bhaiya sab se bada rupaiya)- Now another sexad- point which i want to highlight, How scam can help in earning foreign exchange, question may be kicking in ur insane mind, how scam which siphon off crores of rs can actually help india to earn foreign currency. Well answer to this question lies into my proposition to establish indian insttute of scams. we all are aware US want to establish hegemony in the world by hook or by crook. Veitnam, korea, iraq and afgasnistan are places where US paid exhorbitantl high price to achieve its aim. Globally US approach( to go on war or to sponser insurgency) are condemned. The catch for us lies here only. We can teach CIA how to go for scams and there modus operandi. so instead of promoting insurgency or sponsiring terrorist they can just sponser bloodless scams- in whichever country they wanted. Slowly country will find itself in a financial & economic problem and united sates ambition would get fullfilled without any blood shed. As we indians are good at teaching and i m sure we can even teach scams also. So it would be safe for me to say that establishing scam school of excellency and enrolling CIA as a student can help india to earn dollars. Which in turn can help in reduction of wars(number terms) and increase in of global peace.

The first and foremost beauty of scam lies in the fact that it can be delivered by anyone. so any youngster who has made hs mind to do scams in comming year . My advice would be dont worry whether you have graduated from IIMs or some road side commercial establishment like IBS, just have vision for scams who will definatly succedd. Education doesnot matter in scams( karunanidhi is not even metric pass), only thing that matter is the way you opearte and money you siphoned off..

Law enforcement and scams( sidha ganit) 90% of people dont have capability to do scam or not in a position to do scam. Out of remaining 1% have already involved or are in process of delivering scam. Other 5% are either very lazy or lack of creativity to deliver scam. other 2% are honest indians. Last 2 % are afraid of law enforecement agencies. Those who are afraid of scams are not aware of simple statatics, probablity to die in naxalite area or to be raped in new delhi is more than probality to get caught by law enforcement agency. Probablity that person will get punishment is even less-. As a matter fact if a person is caught and nothing can be proved against him then the fame which he will get in a week time is much more than what sachin n sharukh enjoyed over past 20 years.

…….to be continued

About writer Writer has peculiar ability of finding fault in any person, sitution and condition .Always crib about the present condition and thinks he is always right .