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SC to ask about parrot's learnings

05, Sep 2014 By khakshar

Nearly a year ago SC had termed the CBI as a caged  Parrot.  The CBI had taken the comments by the Judge seriously.  It started meeting  it’s  Teachers regularly. After all  A Parrot knows that it  needs to be taught regularly to chant the Mantras. Parrot Lovers will be  watching  Today’s  Court’s  hearing very closely.

Some of the bird lovers have approached PETA to ensure that the court does not harass the “Tota in Chief” . “It is on our Watch List and any punitive action by the Court can lead it to endangered list” , said an activist. The head Tota is exhibiting  nonchalance  over it’s lesson by the Tailor of a Meat seller. The Tailor of the Meat Exporter in CBI net had met it’s Director at home . The Parrot however says that the tailor had come to explain that how the Waist of  the Meat exporter was receding .This was due to the fact that  Small Parrots were relishing the fat of the flesh, he added.

Head Tota’s wife was to file nominations from Patna Sahib seat in May General Elections. She had arranged Lok Sabha ticket from a  Political Party after offering some fruits collected from  Tailors, Drivers , Butlers of some People with high  2G connectivity. Unfortunately for us , the deal went off .

It’s rumored that she calls herself the Real Tota and CBI head as Maina . It was affirmed by the tailor in question but not  on the complexion ground.  Meanwhile the hawkers on  Janpath in Delhi are saddened that the Second most visited place will turn into “Khandahar” as the first one , 8 houses away.