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SC surprised to see more discussion about cricket than about 66A getting revoked

26, Mar 2015 By johnrj

New Delhi. The Supreme Court judges have been surprised to see that people are more interested in discussing about cricket than about the landmark decision of 66A getting revoked. “We spent so many years and finally this law is removed and not many people are talking about it”, said a supreme court lawyer,”If 66A was still valid, I would have sued people using this”.

After the landmark decision made by the SC to revoke the decision, supreme court judges happily went online to see citizens reactions but were shocked to see more talks about the SA vs NZ match supporting AB De Villiers than section 66A’s removal success. When asked cricket fans, many diverse reactions were received

Article 66a
Section 66a

“Oh I don’t think it affects me” said an IT worker from Bangalore “I don’t use that bus to go to work. If they removed 335E then it’s a huge problem”. A frequent movie goer also advised our news reporter that although movie names with numbers are cool, he should not utter them with certificate ratings else it will get banned referring to the ‘A’ next to the 66 in the movie name”.

“Yesterday there was a law, today it won’t be there, tomorrow there will be a new law but there will only be one moment for a cricket semi final”, said a cricket fan giving a punch dialogue much to the joy of other fans behind him. Although some of the celebrities have voiced their opinions on the removal of 66A, many felt that the celebrities should be posting about cricket than about social issues

“People should post more about cricket. Anushkha Sharma used to post so much, look who she ended up with!”, said a cricket fan and twitter addict, “Many eligible bachelors are there. If people keep posting about 66A, only Arnab Goswami will date them”.

After hearing the reactions from many cricket fans, SC judges are waiting for further Cricket related or Srinivasan related cases so that they can take revenge.